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Hi, I’m Chevaune.
I’m a qualified maths teacher who has taught in schools for several years and tutored for more than 8 years. I also head an online business that provides maths resources for teachers, parents and students.

I believe that two vital ingredients help students excel in maths: confidence and differentiation!

Differentiation refers to the teaching art of making learning personal to the needs of each student. Differentiation allows each student to progress in maths at their own natural pace – quickly or taking a little bit more time.

Confidence in maths gives students that extra bit of oomph! My favourite mantra is, “it’s better to confidently get it wrong than fear trying lest you make a mistake!”.

I believe teaching is both an art and a skill; the unique advantage I have is my ability to explain maths EASILY to ALL students.

I have tutored across North West London and West Midlands.
I now tutor across Hertfordshire.
All students get free, unlimited and automatic access to Cazoom Maths Worksheets.

Tutoring Experience

I have an undergraduate degree from the London School of Economics (2:1 Hons) and a teaching degree from the University of Birmingham. I became a tutor during my second year at Uni (LSE) and I then decided to complete a teaching qualification in Mathematics. I am completing a Masters in Mathematics Education at King’s College London. I am fascinated by the processes of maths learning and I thoroughly enjoy teaching and learning and meeting new students.

Teaching Experience

  • Friern Barnet School Teacher of Mathematics (2 years)
  • Bentley Wood High School Teacher of Mathematics (2 years)
  • The After School Learning Center Lead Maths Tutor (3 years)
  • Private Maths Tutor UK Top Maths Tutor (9 years)

Tutoring Approach

Confidence is key! I believe in raising confidence to help students reach their natural potential. Comments in the testimonials below have noted on my patient and individualised approached. I always work to make learning personalised and appropriately differentiated.

CRB check available in first meeting.


  • From Orla (5/5): (GCSE Maths) Chevaune seems to have connected well with my daughter who says she finds Chevaune’s explanations very clear and straightforward.
  • From Kerry (5/5): (Primary Entrance Exams) Chavaune has only been to us for one tutorial but she is prompt, polite and my son likes her. He is looking forward to next week already – which is a huge positive.

  • From Jiten (5/5): (Secondary Maths) We find Chevaune arrives promptly, has built a relationship with both children in motivating them and making maths fun. The children feel comfortable around her and enjoy learning. Chevaune has already after a few weeks, improved our daughter’s maths ability so that she feels more confident with her maths. Also her maths teacher has seen a significant improvement in her recent test, where she is now in the top 20% or so in her class. We feel this is the beginning, there’s a lot of hard work ahead but that we are on track and have made a very good start.
  • From Tamara (5/5): (A-Level Maths) Chevaune is great tutor. She is patient, understanding and explains things very simply. My grades and my confidence have improved enormously.
    From Jessica (5/5): (A-Level Maths) Excellent tutor. Provided all aspects of A level Maths revision.

See more feedback below!

To contact me directly:
Tel: 07508188450

6 comments on Chevaune;

  1. Chevaune tutors math to my 7 year old. He enjoys his lessons. She has given him confidence and is very calm and patient .

  2. Chevaune has made a huge impact on my daughters confidence with maths. She has improved her maths ability and my daughter looks forward to her weekly sessions . I feel Chevaune to be very approachable and she is very polite and punctal.

  3. Chevaune is a great tutor and is organized. She has tutored my daughter according to her needs. She really has helped my daughter in her math grade.

  4. Chevaune is great. I had a late start to my AS maths course and she has helped me get back on track and has supported me throughout the year. She is always available to text or email and always turns up on time and with many resources. Chevaune is very patient with me and will always explain something that I get stuck on. I have improved so much and my confidence has grown thanks to her.

  5. Chevaune has made a big difference to our daughter’s maths confidence over the last few months, and it has shown in her exam results at the end of the year. As a result, she is now approaching her 11+ and year 6 with much more confidence and enthusiasm than she might have been. Thanks Chevaune!

  6. My daughter recently attained A passes in GCSE Method in Maths and Application in Maths. These results are testament to Chevaune’s tutoring, her support, patience and skill.

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